Well it appears that I won’t be able to get payment details set up on here.  After some research, I will need to get my own self hosted platform; then migrate the blog to

As much as I love the game, this is going to be a little difficult; given the short time frame.  Personally I would have liked to start this in March, with advertising Skirmish at the various events in Scotland throughout the year. Promoting through various forums, would also take place about this time; giving people outside the area plenty of time to make arrangements.  Traders would be contacted, clubs attended; general foot slogging to get the word out there.  Sitting back expecting people to come to you, won’t work; unless you have a great reputation i.e. Gencon.  This is even more important to remember, when it’s a charity event; as more people = more money donated.

There are various ways to increase attendance:

  • USP – Unique Selling Point, with charity events this will almost always be the charity itself.  I say almost, as anything that makes the event different from others; is a USP.
  • Attractions – From exclusive vendors to special events (3 tournaments in one day???), this has to make people want to attend.  Relying on one thing, isn’t going to work either.  Not everyone will want what your offering, so no point in attending.
  • Deals/Offers – like exclusive vendors/traders, this could be something that can’t be purchased anywhere else.  Even Privateer Press do this, with PAX this weekend, there is the exclusive chance to get Sturm & Drang before it’s official release.
Overall there are many more things to an event, than just opening the doors and hoping people turn up.  In this digital age, there are many ways to get the word out there; while making it easy for them to spend their hard earned money.

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