Grind Scenario

At Kingdom of Adventure’s recent steamroller event, they ran the scenario Grind.  While in principle it is a great scenario, one of the things that was overlooked was disallowing caster kills.

This got me to thinking, about the scenario and what it would actually be good for.  The best idea I have come up with, is demonstrating the game to new players.  One of the biggest problems with demo’s, is that they are generally more facts than fun.  Some people learn by reading, some like me; just like to get in.  So here is my idea for Grind to become a demo game format; using only the battlebox set.

Using this method, would get the new player used to the following – Movement, Combat and Strategy/Synergy.  It should also make the game fun, while teaching them without realising it.

The objective, is like Grind; get the ‘ball’ into the scoring zone (6″ End Zone) in the opponents half of the board.   This can be done either with melee or ranged attacks, slam, or throw.  The ball would have the following stats –

  • 50mm base
  • DEF 5
  • Indestructable – No ARM value.
  • Cannot be placed, knocked down or removed from play.
  • Doesn’t suffer continuous effects or collateral damage.
The distance the ‘ball’ moved would depend on the form of attack.
  • Melee – Half the STR in distance
  • Ranged – Half the POW of the weapon used (POW 12 = 6″)
  • Slam – d6″ moved
  • Throw – Half STR +d3″
This might need some tweaking, but I think generally this should provide everything needed; to make this a good way to teach people the game.

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