The Ancible Magazine

For those of who followed my previous blog on Posterous, you will know that I was part of a podcast called Shotgun or Grapple.  In the early days, we met some guys in Birmingham; who had started their own printed magazine The Ancible. Due to various reasons, this is now an online magazine.  However the content is still as good as it was in the first edition.

Several months ago, they started up a new podcast – The Ancible; with the help of former Shotgun or Grapple presenter Ray Gillespie.  The first episode is available on their website already, but recording of show 2 is happening this week. The reason I bring this up, is that David (Coin and Carnage) and I will be guests on the show.  We will be discussing Warmachine/Hordes and also Malifaux; which David is applying for Henchmen status (Malifaux version of Press Ganger).  We may also have a joint venture, which we will hopefully announce on the show.


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