KoA Tournament – 20th August

Normally I try to get my battle report done asap, to be honest; today has taken a lot out of me.  Physically I am wrecked, though mentally I am just about able to function.  This won’t be a detailed battle report, because quite frankly; I am not really up to it.

However, I will give some highlights of each game; that may help others.  First up was Menoth, playing Harbinger of Menoth caster.  We don’t have a lot of Menoth players, personally I’ve played them twice in tournaments,  Things to note from this game, Harbinger’s feat is brutal to infantry.  It will like as not, wipe out all your infantry in one turn.  Harbinger has a control range of 20 inches, so turn 2 is usually when the feat goes off.  How to defeat it, your models have to end their movement outside that 20″ control zone.  This is a little difficult, when the Avatar of Menoth; uses Gaze of Menoth.  This forces any models within 8″ of the Avatar; to advance towards the Avatar.  Suffice to say I dragged the game out a bit, using Asphyxious to take shots at the jacks; then Teleporting behind them.

Second game against Retribution, with Ossyan as the caster.  I play Jonathan, our Retribution player at the shop quite regularly; so I knew roughly what to expect.  I ran the Skarre list this time, which didn’t quite work out.  I really think I should have used pGaspy here; but live and learn.  It was over quite quickly, as the Mage Hunter Strike Force + Ossyan’s feat ripped Skarre a new one; despite her having ARM 23.  Now I know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of my Stalkers; with their Arcane Assassin ability.

Last game, Mercs; with Fiona the Black leading the charge.  To be fair to Ian, the scenario chosen didn’t help him.  I like playing different scenarios, but Grind is not one I would run in a tournament.  Basically you are playing the Privateer Press game Grind, a jack based variation on American Football (Gridiron).  2 x 50mm objective markers, which you slam/throw into the enemies ‘goal’.  For a fun game, you make it that caster kill doesn’t win the game.  As this is tournament, unless it states in that in the rules; most players will just go for a caster kill.  Which is what I planned right from the start, ignoring the objectives; Deathjack plowed upfield.  Bile Thralls wiping out Press Gangers (boo hiss), as they trail in the DJ’s wake.  Stalkers flanking to take out Croe’s Cutthroats, with Siren supporting.  It might seem to be a walk over, but Skarre only had 5 points of health left at the end.  Only being saved by her feat and some unlucky dice.

The only other thing of note.  I know with some tweaks, I could run both my armies in Hardcore.  Hardcore turn times are usually 7 minutes, which given today our turns were 8 minutes; rather than the regular 10 minutes per turn for 35 pts; I did reasonably well to stay on time.

General feeling, is that I learned more about several factions and casters. It made the day worthwhile, just to be able to take part in a tournament; rather than running it.  So roll on next Saturday, for the Worlds at War 35pt Steamroller.

4 thoughts on “KoA Tournament – 20th August

  1. For only 6 players participating, that is the standard. Anything up to 8 players is 3 rounds in Steamroller rules. Would have been nice to have more rounds, but that’s the way it goes sometimes.

  2. I was one of the other Cryx players on Saturday, with the black/red army. I had a lot of fun in my first tournament, and it was interesting to play some warcasters I’ve not encountered on the table before. It’s a shame there weren’t more of us, but I think they had a lot of cancellations. As far as I know, none of us are regulars at the shop!

    I’d have to agree with you about Grind. I don’t really think it’s a tournament scenario, and I’m pretty sure that we all just ignored the objectives and went for caster kill. I think your idea of disallowing caster kill as a win condition for the scenario in casual play is a good idea. That small tweak could make it more fun, but I’d need to try it out.

    I think I mentioned this on the day, but your army was very nice to look at. I got a quick peek at your Deathjack from across the room, and from what I saw all that time put in was well worth it.

    • First of all thanks for your comments, despite my initial posting; it was a good day. It’s the second tournament I have been to at KoA, I think part of the problem; is the play base are happy with casual play but not competitive. It can be hard to get people to take that step, not everyone is confident enough or have the experience. As a potential PG, that is part of my job to help them take that step; or at least prepare them before hand for competitive play. I have to say, other than one army; all of the models looked good. It was nice to see so many painted miniatures at a tournament.

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