KoA Tournament Prep

Well tomorrow morning, I head over to Kirkcaldy for my first tournament since May.  Having just finalised my lists, I’m excited; but also a little nervous. Playing friendly games at the shop, is a different kettle of fish; to playing competitively. It’s especially hard, when you don’t know a lot of the players.  Kingdom of Adventure has I believe a smallish player base, but one that is growing thanks to Dave and Caz.

Most of their players, I don’t think have played much outside the shop; so I probably won’t have met them.  This adds a new dimension to the day, as they are unknown; even to the point that I don’t know what the meta is in Kirkcaldy. For those unfamiliar, the meta; is a mixture of elements that make KoA unique. At Worlds at War, our meta used to be predominantly Warmachine specifically Cryx; with most of the players running pDenny or Goreshade lists.  Now though, the meta is pretty balanced; however we are still Warmachine heavy over Hordes factions.

I’ll keep my lists secret for now, don’t want to be giving the game away just yet.  Battle report will be following, plus some interesting news about a future project.


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