Malifaux Demo

Normally on a Thursday night at Worlds at War, I play Warmachine.  Last week I got my first taste of Malifaux.  Malifaux in some ways is like Warmachine/Hordes; fast paced small scale skirmish game.

Like WM/H, it also uses as many or as few models as the points value requires.    David showed me the basics, with just a couple of models – Sonnia and Samael.  The main difference to other wargames, is there is no dice involved at all.  This was for me, a very strange feeling; as I kept reaching for dice for combat.  That said, the game mechanics are very easy to pick up. Each round is divided into 3 parts – Draw Phase, Activation and Closing.

Draw Phase is the initiative, which is determined by the Fate Deck. The deck is very much like normal playing cards, which 1 – 13 and 4 different suits.  There the similarity ends, as the suits are – Tomes, Crows, Rams and Masks.  Initiative goes to the player with the highest number drawn. Activation is done by alternate players (Player 1, Player 2, Player 1, etc). David did explain, that normally there isn’t such a thing as Caster kill; as the game is usually played with scenarios.  Combat is fairly quick and simple, though the Triggers and Flips may be confusing at first.  I still haven’t got it straight about those yet, but I’ve only had one demo game.

Overall, it was a really fun game; with lots of possibilities.  I will definitely be picking up a box set soon, as I want to play it again.  Maybe this time with a full set of models, not just two.

Big thanks to David, for providing all the necessary; as well his time to show this dunce.  If you want to learn more about Malifaux, head over to Wyrd Miniatures.



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