Riots in England

As a gamer, we have been critisized over the years; saying we are the cause of this problem or that bad issue.  To those people, I state here and now; you know nothing about gaming or gamers.  The root cause of any social problem, is society itself.  I’m not going to get on my soap box here, I just want to make it clear; that gamers like me are sickened just as much as anyone else with recent events.

I condemn the violence that has happened in the last few days in England, it is senseless violence and destruction; for the sake of it.  Anyone who is on the side of the criminals, should look at the consequences of those actions; to the innocent people caught up in it.

So as a gamer, I feel anger and betrayal that human beings can be so blind to what violence can do to people’s lives.  I wish all those innocent people, all the best for the recovery of their shattered lives.  To the neanderthals, I hope you all suffer the worst kinds of hell possible.

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