pGaspy 35pt List

Update on the list I posted previously.

I’ve now played a game with the list mentioned, with a small assassination victory.  In fairness to my Khadorian opponent, he was running Harkevich for the first time; so against an opponent with more Harkevich experience it might have gone the other way.

The thing that made all the difference, was Gorman Di Wulfe; specifically his Black Oil.  That little grenade is just brutal on a heavy jack, literally making it a sitting duck for a Slam or Charge attack.  I was using Gorman and pGaspy combo, of Black Oil and Parasite on the target Heavy Jack. Then on the DJ, Scything Touch, either from pGaspy himself; or through the Skarlock.  With everything working, the target was -4 MAT/DEF from Black Oil; with -2 Arm from Parasite.  Add in the +2 to attack rolls on the DJ from Scything Touch, it was pretty much auto hit and 3d6 damage on a charge.

I’ve also begun to love Defilers again, after not playing them in over a year. The thing I love about Cryx, is the bonejacks (chicken jacks as some call them).  They give Cryx a tool, that isn’t match in any other faction; not even Hordes.  The ability to arc a spell over 20″ away, to run a bone jack over 25″ away (Stalkers are just awesome).  With the Ripjaw, Cryx finally got an armour shredding model; which is so much needed against Khadorian armies.  Anyway back to Defilers, why have I suddenly found them again; simple answer 8″ Spray attack.  Between the Gorman/pGaspy combo and the 8″ sprays from Defilers and Warwitch Siren; Khador were decimated on the field.  I think at the end, he had Man-o-War Kovnick, Harlan Varsh and some Nyss.  There just wasn’t enough to hide Harkevich behind, that would do any good in the long run.

Overall, I am pleased with the list; it is flexible and can rapidly adapt to situations on the board.  It might have problems against the unimaginative Cygnar Gun Lines or even some Retribution armies; but it is a solid list for my style of play.


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