DJ Cryx in da House

Ok rubbish title, but what can you expect; when I have been painting solidly for 6 hours.  Initially I had expected to take my time with the Deathjack, that has gone completely out the window.  That said, I have very little to show for the time I have put into it; well except this little picture.

Freehand artwork

This isn’t the finished product, in all honesty; I am so pleased with the final piece it is unreal.  Doing this little piece, has also served to give me a colour scheme I want.  Initially I had wanted black armour, hoping to learn how to highlight black armour.  My first attempts looked like a 3 year old had done it, not the look I was hoping for.  So Plan B, the usual plan that I revert to; make it up as I go along.  So far it’s working out, I have the carapace above finished; most other parts started.  Way things are going, I could potentially have the DJ finished within a week.  Total build and paint time – 3 1/2 weeks.

Maybe I could test it out on some new terrain I just came across.  I discovered a new UK company called Battleboards, which will shortly start producing very detailed terrain tiles, which look amazing.  2′ by 2′ modular boards, they are very high quality.  Ok they are a little more expensive, than others out there; but seriously the quality is worth it.  Check out their Facebook page to see examples – Battleboards on Facebook


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