Big DJ Update

Well despite this week, being a really bad week for me; things are finally starting to look up.  I’ve been working on and off all week with the DJ, so there is progress in some areas and none in others.

Last time I left this, there was pretty much a pile of bits; with me messing about with plastic skeletons.  From the messing about, I got the whole concept for the base completed.

There has been some changes to the base, since this was taken; but nothing that makes any difference.  After the base was done, I moved onto the body; specifically the head and ribcage.  The head went on first time, without any problems.  Because of the narrowness of depth in the head, I used a small .5 mm rod; trying to put the majority of the rod into the body. This has the purpose of giving the head a stronger anchor point, than shallow holes in both parts.

From the head, I then moved onto the ribcage; this turned into a nightmare. Looking at it face on, the left hand set of ribs; stuck perfectly with just superglue.  The right set, broke off several times; even with grey stuff bracing it.  Finally I had to resort to superglue and Unibond Power Epoxy, then held in place for 5 minutes for the epoxy to cure.  It did the trick though, I think I could drop it and the bond would hold tightly; not that I am going to test that.

The observant of you, will notice that the ‘escaping souls’ are missing between the ribs.  This is deliberate, as I hate the look of it.  It looks out of place and really doesn’t look all that appealing to me.  It’s like a poor copy of a chest buster from the film Alien.  I do have an idea, of using the souls ‘escaping’ from one of the smoke stacks; though I am still unsure at this moment.  I went back to the basing at this point, as I wanted to start working out the pose I wanted.  For this, check out the next part of the blog.


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