Big DJ Update Pt 3

On the home stretch and if you have stayed with me so far; thank you it is very much appreciated.  So onto the next stage, adding parts to the body.  I hadn’t touched the model in about 2 days, I was kind of going through some emotional issues; so didn’t feel up to working on DJ.

In a bored moment, I dug out the smoke stacks from the slowly dwindling pile of metal and started putting them in place.

I’m pretty pleased with this, as from the top and sides, it all looks neat and symmetrical.  Judging it by eye, can be hit and miss at times; especially in models.  As each piece is individual, it will have individual flaws; that will not match any other piece produced.  This can be seen in the second picture, with the top stacks; you can just see the rotation of the left one doesn’t match the right.  There is nothing you can do about this, it is nature of casting.

With the stacks in place, it was on to the shoulders; and a BIG problem.  I actually sat for a day thinking about this problem, as I couldn’t see a way out of it.  The shoulders have skulls on them, the famous Skulls of Hate; which in turn have 3 long spikes down the middle of the skull.  The problem I had, was the clashing of smoke stacks and spikes on the skulls.  There was no way I could have the pose I wanted, with the spike in place.  I was reluctant to cut the spikes off, as I hate destroying a look the original sculptor designed.  I didn’t like the spikes anyway, as I thought they were out of proportion and too square for the flowing lines of DJ.  So with some reluctance I cut them off, but I took it one step further and removed some of the skull too.



As you can see from the picture from Privateer Press, this is a radical change from the elongated skull in the original design.  Problem is, mine now looks plain and boring.  What started out as just playing about with grey stuff, has turned this plain boring skull; once more into a Skull of Hate.

I’ve still got the other skull to do, but I am really pleased with how this has turned out.  Something so simple, can make a big difference to the look of a model.  In this case, it has, at least for me personally; improved it beyond the original design.  Onwards to the finish, we are nearly there with the building.


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