Big DJ Update Pt 2

So it’s posing time and I don’t mean putting on your Burberry and getting in your Chavmobile.  I might have mentioned this previously, but I like giving every model I paint a story to tell.  It can be something as simple, as where they are just now; at that precise moment you are looking at the model.  An example of this is my Slag Troll, where I have used shards of quartz crystal; to show he might be walking though some crystalline cave system deep in the mountains.

The Deathjack is no different, only problem is the size of him; makes telling a story difficult.  He would dominate anything else on the base, so the details on the base have to be subtle; to make you really look for them.  The story here, is that this is a grave pit; possibly near a necrotite mine.  DJ is bring the trophies of war to the pit, to continue the Great Plan of the Dragonfather.

DJ is stood on the edge of the pit, hand outstretched to place the offering in the pit.  While death isn’t an issue with Cryx, they do honour the dead; as they know for each death the Dragonfather grows stronger.  With the legs in place, its onto the arms now.

I am not what you would call a sculptor or modeler.  I use grey stuff to patch holes, that is the limit of my skills.  DJ represents a challenge for me, one of which is to improve my skills in modifications.  One of the first ones I have done, is the hands attaching to the body. I have seen some horrendous poses, from a Deathjack that looks like it’s surrendering; to ones that look like they are knuckle dragging Neanderthals.  I spent a lot of time playing with the parts and came up with these.  The first one is the right way around, so the palm faces upwards.  The second, shows the adjustment I have made to make it palm downwards.

This photo shows how twisted this second arm really is, also the position I have had to pin it.

Overall, not very happy with it.  Untidy and will take a bit to correct the gaping hole, but it does the job I wanted; so can’t complain.  With the arms pretty much done, all I have to do now is add the hand spikes and attach to the shoulders.

It’s slowly coming together, the legs are done (but not attached to the base yet).  The body and arms are ready for the next stages, which is covered in part 3 of the Big DJ Update.


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