Wrath Launch Event

Last month Wrath was released, causing a stir among the players of Warmachine and Hordes.  The first expansion to MkII, it gave players of Warmachine factions, a little more detail on new models and the continuing story of the Iron Kingdoms.  In honor of this, I had organized a steamroller tournament; in which the winner would get their hands on a free copy of the book.

This was actually my first tournament ever, run by me in Worlds at War. Sadly I didn’t (and still don’t) have Pressganger status, so this couldn’t be called official.  That didn’t stop it being a great event and day for all concerned.  Of the 12 players booked in, 10 appeared; lists in hand ready to do battle.  I used a piece of software called Dohyou 1.1.2 (though this is also a good program LostBlue), which made things easier; but a little more complicated.

Look at the concentration

Other than one problem with final round match ups, the day went really smoothly and ended within the timeframe I had hoped for.  The biggest joy of running this event, was that we had 3 players, who had never played WM/H in competition.  Sometimes it can be scary, but these guys did really well; winning a couple of games as well.

Deploying, ready for carnage!

The eventual winner, was Michael Murray; deserved winner with a demolishing 4 – 0 record for the day.  Close second and third were Stephen McLeish and Tam Fullard; with Stuart Walker one of our first timers claimed the wooden spoon.

Despite my nerves, it was a good day; so roll on 27th August.

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