When the muse strikes

As a painter, it’s good to get inspiration and ideas for the world around you.  It could be something you see or even hear, it could even strangely be a smell. So stood in the middle of the supermarket, is not the most likely of places; not the most convenient.

First of all, if you have a memory like mine; you need to write it down.  In said supermarket while shopping, not good.  The idea was to have the Skull of Hate as a focal point, I envisioned necrotite green ‘lightening’ pulsing around it.  Kind of like those plasma ball thingymajigs, with the skull being where you would put your hand; the plasma sparking up to meet your hand.

Thankfully I was able to jot the idea down in a crappy sketch,  I did this in about 30 seconds, so please excuse the appearance of it being done by a 2 year old.

An idiot drew this.....


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