And we’re off…..DJ Build

Well I have finally finished doing all the clean up, so I can now get started on the actual building of the model.  Actually no I can’t, the reason being; is that I am not sure yet what pose I want.

Trying to hold 3 – 4 pieces in place and look at the same time isn’t working.  So I will have to get some bluetack or similar.  So hoping not to stall the building bug I have just now, I started putting some ideas into effect for the base, etc.

First up is a skeleton that I built, from a box of skeletons from Wargames Factory.  Have to say the quality of these is excellent, though they are extremely fiddly to put together.  Here is one I made earlier –

Dying in agony

Well spotted those, who noticed there was a foot missing.  This is because I dropped it on the floor, something I am forever doing with small pieces.  I’ll not bother using another, as I don’t think it looks out of place.  So next stage, was to see the size comparison to the DJ.  The Skellies are supposed to be 28mm, which I appears to match up in this picture.

Shhhh he’s asleep….

Hopefully tomorrow, will be some actual building; instead of messing around with skeletons.





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