A bit lax….

Logging in, I noticed that the last post was at the beginning of July.  I have intended to be posting more on this blog, than I used to on Posterous.  That is not to say that I haven’t been busy.  Things have just been a little off kilter recently, mostly due to personal and financial issues.  I have been playing though and getting things organized for the tournament in August.

I’m really pleased with the August tourny actually, we already have the maximum 16 players.  Even if we get cancellations, there are others willing to step in.  It just goes to show, that a good first event; can make all the difference.  Our first real tournament was in April, at the time we managed 10 players.  It was a really good day, with some great games and prizes on offer.  Here’s hoping the next one is as successful, as I will be running it this time.

Casual play is going well too, with our Thursday Casual Play; getting between 6 – 8 players a week.  Sadly I have come to the conclusion, that I am not a casual player.  I prefer scenario play that comes with a tournament, the sad part; is I am unlikely to play in a tournament in a long while.

Finally, I have just bought my Deathjack.  Yes a Cryx player for over a year, yet I am only just getting the Killing Machine of Death.  Part of the reason is cost, the other; was that I didn’t think he was worth putting with any of the casters I had.  In recent weeks I have learned differently, especially as DJ is an auto-include in any Scaverous list I run now.  The fact the DJ can cast Telekinesis (TK), before he charges/slams/throws; is just brutal.  Made even worse, as he doesn’t even need focus allocated to do it.  Skulls of Hate give him automatic 2 focus, which is enough for TK (twice in feat turn).

Anyway, I get carried away when I start talking Scavvy/DJ combo’s.  Suffice to say, I am enjoying what games I am managing.  Till next time.

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