Tournament Play, Scary??

As you will have seen from the blog recently, things have been going a little crazy.  First up we had the launch of Wrath, the new expansion to Warmachine MkII.  Also building and painting models galore, over the last fortnight.  Finally on Saturday just gone (25th June), Worlds at War hosted their launch event for Wrath; where I ran my first tournament.

Given that I am trying to expand the tournament play at the shop, I though this would be a great event for me to organize and actually run.  I had also wanted to keep it to local players, as I am trying to encourage them to take part in the tournaments.  Tournaments to some people, are daunting at the best of times. With the possibility of facing some of the UK’s top players as well, that can be a scary prospect.  I respect everyone I have met in the Scottish scene, Jim Lawrence and Michael Murray; are two of the best people I have met in gaming (not the only ones though).  They are willing to help people, even in competitive tournament play.  I remember one of the tournaments in Dundee, Mark McKinlay drew Jim in the first round.  You would have thought it was a practice match, given the advice Jim was giving Mark; on deployment or what to look out for.

Sorry got a little off track there.  What I am trying to say, is that as scary as it sounds; the current WM/H scene in Scotland is the best I have seen.  I haven’t come across anyone, like the nightmares I have heard from other games.  On Saturday, we had 3 players; who had never played competitive WM/H.  It is my hope as a potential Press Ganger, they enjoyed the day and will come back to play again.  I can say on a personal level, that I was terrified on Saturday; running my first ever tournament.  Thankfully it went off smoothly and everyone seemed to enjoy it.  I must have done something right, we already have 12 (out of 16) places booked for Steamroller in August.


4 thoughts on “Tournament Play, Scary??

  1. I need to confess to something,
    i love having my name used next to jim’s,
    and i love “are two of the best people I have met in gaming”
    its took along time getting here since the kicking jim gave me in my 1st event.
    when i step up to take his place i’ll be intrested to see who takes mine.

    • I admit that I have only been doing tournaments a year, but I’ve done competitive gaming with other systems (Battletech). So in the experiences I have had, I don’t think I have met a group of gamers like the WM/H players. From day one, everyone was open; friendly to anyone new. While I mentioned you and Jim, there are many I have met that I consider good players as well. I agree it will be interesting to see what happens, in the coming months/years. There are several I have played against that are really good, certainly challenging the likes of you and Jim; now or in the future.

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