Scaverous Build Pt 2

Sorry for the delay, I had a small matter of a Wrath Launch event to run at Worlds at War yesterday.  More of that later, as this is all about Scaverous.

I left off with the torso completed, but the arms and weapon still to be attached. As I’ve said previously, I find it difficult to deal with the two handed weapons. The worst ones are Nyss Hunters, due to their size and general fiddly parts. Just like all the other parts, it has been drilled on both sections; then pinned with copper rods. Gale Force 9, do a good kit for this; which contains rods drill and drill bits.  Generally I use superglue, though sometimes a two-part apoxy can work as well; though this requires time to set and cure.

I moved onto the shoulders next, drilling both sides; then the arm sections at the shoulder as above.  Like before, I put the pin into the main body, not the arm; as this allowed me better movement.  This was important, as I still had to line up two arms; with a weapon inbetween (as seen below).

Next step attach the weapon to one of the arms, other then gluing rods in place; none of it was attached to the main torso yet.  Using the left arm, this was quickly pinned to the shaft of the weapon.


Using the arms like levers, I was able then to adjust the weapon so it rested in the position I needed. Using a little piece of bluetac, it held the arm long enough for me to mark (white board markers work well) on the metal; where I needed to drill so it would line up exactly. You may have to twist and bend the shaft of the weapon slightly, as it may not be perfect first time.  I certainly had to bend it out (towards me), then twist the shaft (blade end) slightly downwards.

If everything goes to plan, it should all look like the above when it’s all finished.  The arms are attached to the weapon, but not yet glued to the torso.  I also left off the pauldorns  (shoulder armour plates), which will attach last.



Just to let you know, I jumped ahead a little; Scaverous is already painted since Part 1 of this tutorial. Lets just say, he ain’t painted the Privateer Press way.









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