With Lock and Load happening right now, it’s got me a little down.  The reason being, is that we don’t have anything dedicated like this in the UK; let alone a decent convention in Scotland.

Don’t get me wrong, there are cons in Scotland; but they are mostly GW/Historical wargaming.  Unless you play GW games or Historical, there is little to attract me to attend those conventions.  Which I think is disappointing, as there is a growing market for ‘alternative’ games.  Warmachine and Hordes has exploded since the launch of MK2, which can only a good thing for the game and PP. What is disappointing, is that this hasn’t been embraced by the gaming convention organizers (with the exception of the UK Games Expo). To my knowledge, there is a grand sum of 2 Press Gangers. I couldn’t even guess how many in England, but other than the UK Masters; they aren’t called to work together on tournaments of the scale of Lock and Load/Gen Con.

There are a couple of us at Worlds of War, that have been discussing this very problem.  We wondered if there was any existing convention in Scotland, that would be willing to hold a Scottish Master Tournament. The alternative would be to create another con, just to hold it; which would be a lot of hard work.  Not that something of that scale is beyond us, I’ve been part of the organizing for a conference; with attendees from as far away as Australia (she even reads this blog).

So the question needs to be asked, is Scotland ready for a mass Warmahorde invasion?


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