Wrath Review

Wrath has finally hit the streets, with lots of talk on the Privateer Press forums.  Having read through it briefly, I am once again impressed with the amount of information and fluff contained in the 175 pages.

The front cover, is gorgeously rendered by the talents of Andrea Uderzo; which depicts both the Cryx and Cygnar battle engines.  There is also several of the new models for those factions, including Constance Blaze and Lich Lord Scaverous.

The first 12 pages, contain first of many parts of fluff within the book.  This section deals with a confrontation, between Cygnar and Khador forces; near the Dragons Tongue River.  There aren’t as many rules additions as I had expected, with rules on Battle Engines taking up a page and a bit; then Ranking Officer rules filling out the second page.

Part 2 & 3 of this review will look into the new Warcasters and Character Jacks.  It should be pointed out there are a number of new models, including some that have already been released (Arcantrik Force Generator, Torch, Cpt. Jonas Murdoch, etc); are contained in Wrath.  So I’ll leave those for you to discover yourself.

As with most of the Privateer Press book releases, they have included Model Galleries of all the factions; as well as some brilliant painting guides for the Battle Engines (weathering techniques, etc).  All done in rich, stunning artwork and photography. The book may only be an expansion to MkII, but it has still received the great attention to detail that Privateer Press are known for.

Part 2 – Cygnar, Menoth & Khador

Part 3 – Cryx, Retribution & Mercenaries


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