Wrath Review Pt 2 – Faction Goodies

Part 2 is detailing what most players are looking forward the most – New Models!  Every faction, including Mercenaries; has a new Warcaster and Character Jack.  There are other new models, but I’ll cover them in another review; for now I’ll just do the Warcaster and the affinity Jack.


Warcaster – Constance Blaize, Knight of the Prophet.

At first glance, she appears to be a solid caster. Looking deeper, she is geared towards physical; rather than magical attacking.  Sunburst is her only offensive spell, which is pretty average.  Her feat Divine Intervention, allows Blaize to collect soul tokens from friendly faction models; destroyed by enemy models.  Sounds better, when each soul token gives +1ARM to warrior models in her control area.

Character Jack – Gallant

As with most of the character jacks, the Gallant has affinity with Blaize Constance.  It’s a melee machine,  with 2 weapons of reasonable P+S (17 + 14).  It does have Reach with the Lasting Light sword, while other hand has an open fist/buckler.  With average MAT, it’s going to struggle even with the affinity; as it only works on enemy models with upkeep spells.

Protectorate of Menoth

Warcaster – Thyra, Flame of Sorrow

Oh boy, as much I dislike Menoth; this lady is a reason I would play this faction.  Most definitely a melee caster, with some neat abilities that will have opposing players frustrated.  A high DEF, means she can get up close and personal; though she is squishy if hit.  Twin blades give a fairly decent attack, though they are weak P+S.  It’s her battlefield control that is going to be key, with Pursuit and Stranglehold; having models running ragged.  The feat (Shadows of Urcaen), will have opponents frustrated even more.  Essentially for one turn, all models in her control area; can be placed up to 2″ from present location (at start of their activation).

Character Jack – Blood of Martyrs

Putting Thyra and Blood of Martyrs together, is like a one/two sucker punch.  Taking the shifting battle front one step further, Blood of Martyrs; has several movement abilities that make it tough to pin down.  When you do have it pinned down, it should be fairly easy to take out; though be wary of the average P+S on its two Blades.


Warcaster – Kommander Harkevich, The Iron Wolf

This is definitely a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  On a cursory glance, this guy doesn’t shape up to be very much.  However, it’s not Harkevich that you need to worry about; its the heavy jacks thundering down on you; all guns blazing.  With Escort they are gaining +2 movement, then Broadside cast in Harkevich’s activation; they get to fire again (if within control area).  One model may even get to reroll attack dice, with Fortune in play.  Hour of the Wolf feat turn, gives (battlegroup) models in control area +3 ARM.  May also charge/slam free of charge; but also make one ranged attack before charging/slamming.

Character Warjack – Black Ivan

This jack compliments Harkevich well, though it will need the affinity bonus to make it work well.  Gaining boosted ranged attack rolls is going to be needed, with a below average RAT score.  With Broadside, Black Ivan can fire twice; on Harkevich’s activation and once on it’s own.  With an a normal ROF of 1, on a RNG/POW 14 weapon; that is going to hurt something..  Add Fortune, just makes it more likely to hurt something.

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