Privateer Insider 6-14-2011

The latest Insider, previews the artwork for the new Minions Warlock – Maelok the Dreadbound.

Being a Cryx player, this is tickling my Undead senses something cronic.  Add in the fact that it’s a Gator, we have here a reason for me to seriously look at Minions as a faction.


2 thoughts on “Privateer Insider 6-14-2011

  1. I’ll be honest, I’m torn between the latest Troll warlock preview and this one. This would give the Gators 3 warlocks to choose from, meaning that they can enter almost all of the SR variant competitions around the country.

    • I’m really liking the rapidness of getting Minions up to tournament levels. It’s possible now, but the options are limited for the time being. I think the next few months will only be good for the game, the players and Privateer Press.

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