Busy Busy…..

Well Privateer Press may have announced a break in August, with Warmachine/Hordes releases; but that doesn’t mean the next few months are going to be dull and boring.  Obviously this month we have something called Wrath, the latest expansion of MkII Prime.  There is also Battle Engines this month include Cryx Wraith Engine, with the Retribution Arcantrik Force Generator just catching the end of May.

July sees a host of heavy jacks upgrade kits for most of the WM factions (remember kits require heavy jack boxset as well) –

  • PIP31091 Cygnar Gallant Heavy Warjack Upgrade Kit (white metal)
  • PIP32085 Protectorate of Menoth Blood of Martyrs Heavy Warjack Upgrade Kit (white metal)
  • PIP33087 Khador Black Ivan Heavy Warjack Upgrade Kit (white metal)

  • PIP34093 Erebus Heavy Warjack Upgrade Kit (white metal

Cygnar finally get their Battle Engine –

  • PIP31078 Cygnar Storm Strider Battle Engine (white metal and resin)

Rounding out July releases, we also have a Trollblood unit, new Merc Caster and Minion Solo –

  • PIP71064 Trollbloods Trollkin Scattergunner Officer & Standard (white metal)
  • PIP41083 Mercenary Captain Damiano (white metal)
  • PIP75036 Minions Targ Character Solo (white metal)
  • PIPNQ37 No Quarter Magazine Issue #37

It might seem a long way away, but September is looking to be even busier…..Two Player Boxsets…..Menoth Battle Engine….new Warlocks and Casters??  Looks like I will be building and painting, like I have two pair at this rate.


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