Pod Racing in Western Immoren

This week has been a fairly dull week for Warmachine/Hordes.  Other then the regular shop night on Thursday, I haven’t touched my dice all week.  Actually I tell a lie, I did get another chance to go pod racing at Sam’s.  Pod Racing, is just like the Star Wars movie – The Phantom Menace.  Only difference, is that there is no annoying Gungan; whining in your ear.  Anyone who has played Car Wars, will love this.  The rules set we use, can be found here – http://www.runtus.org/page3.htm.  Very simple to learn and play, you just need 2d6 and a tape measure.  Obviously pods to race would be a good idea, but check ebay; as there are toys out there from the film.  Table of any size, with gates as this makes things much more interesting.  It is so much fun, so if you fancy a change of pace; try it out.

Painting this week, has been slow but steady.  Finally finished the Slag Troll, though I am still to finish the basing.  I’ve also started on Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord.  I’m half please with how its going, though his jacket is a tan-red colour; that isn’t really working for me.  I might have to do some google-fu, see if I can find any inspirations for the jacket.  Next up on the table, either the mammoth Dire Troll Blitzer or Master Necrotech Mortenebra/Deryliss.  Though neither of them will be started, until I have finished absorbing the goodness that is…..WRATH!!!!


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