Slag Troll WIP

This model has already been stripped once, but this time I think I have it the way I like it.  It’s probably more blue, than I had wanted; certainly not the purple that I had originally planned.


As you will see from this picture, the model has a loooooot of skin surface.  Something that I am very conscious of, while painting this model.  So far I have managed to shade and highlight a little of the front, which looks pretty good even in this photo.


Because of it’s size (and skin surface area), I am breaking the model down into sections.

  • Face
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Right Arm
  • Left Arm
  • Legs
  • Clothing

Just starting on the right arm, though you will notice; there are still some area’s of the lower back needing some highlighting.  The spikes/protusions are my biggest nightmare, as it’s already gone from Mithral Silver to Gold to Tin Bitz.  The current incarnation, is Mithral Silver; Dwarf Bronze wash with Tin Bitz (All GW paints) wash over that.  Giving it this dirty bronze colour, which will probably be darkened again; with a light brushing of P3 Armour Wash or GW Badab Black.


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