Wrath is nearly here……

In just under two weeks, Wrath will officially be launched.  The excitement that was MkII is still buzzing in some parts of the world, with more and more players turning to Warmachine and Hordes.  Actually tomorrow will be exactly one year, since I picked up my first model.  The UK Games Expo kicks off tomorrow in Birmingham (UK), I was lucky enough to be one of several people to go with a great guy called Ray (more about him later).  The sheer scale of the Expo is unbelievable, at least by standards in the UK.  Predominantly a showcase event for games manufactures, it is also home to the UK Masters of Warmachine.

My first taster of WM, was getting a demo from Vishal Odedra.  Some of you may have listened to Guts & Gears podcast, where Vish is occasionally one of the guests.  I think it was his passion and enthusiasm, that infected me; his unbiased cheering of both teams in a 2 on 2 battle.  One battle box and lots of hours later, I am still having as much fun with the game now; as I did in that hour long demo.  So on to Wrath, an expansion of MkII; which is introducing many new models and rules.

The launch event I am organizing, is already fully booked; with 12 players taking part.  The special prize of a copy of Wrath, has been ordered; so all that remains is to put the final touches to the event.  A big thanks should got to Frank at World at War, who has supported this event from the start.  I’d also like to thank all the players who come along on Thursday nights, for having the courage to letting me loose in running this……Mwwwaauhhhhh!!  Just kidding, I am really looking forward to running a full tournament this time.

Anyway, before I go I mentioned Ray?  Well Ray has begun a collaboration with Kenny from the Ancible, who produce a great online gaming magazine; called….The Ancible.  They are collaborating on a new podcast, they hope to give the UK gamers; a voice in which to be heard.   So if you have any comments or questions, just email them podcast@the-ancible.com.  You never know, they might even mention you on air.


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