New Models

For those of you that follow my Twitter feed (@azhthediplomat), you will know that I promised some pictures of new models that I have painted recently.  For those that aren’t players of Warmachine, The first 2 are Cryxian Bloodgorgers, specifically the Leader and a Grunt.  It seems like tradition now, but all my trolls have to be purple; not the standard blue of Privateer Press.  The Bloodgorgers are however, blighted; corruptions of Trollbloods that fight for the Cryx.  To emphasize this corruption, I ‘sucked the life’ from the purple skin; using a base of grey and then purple wash over the top.  The spikes and protrusions I kept orange, but thinned GW Scorpion Green and Vallejo Yellow Green; to wash over the top.  With the grunt, I specifically wanted to make his missing eye; look gangrenous and putrified never quite healing properly.

The next one is from the new Wrath expansion, the Scavenger.  I wasn’t sure about this model, when it was first revealed on Privateer Press.  Having got my hands on it, as well as finally painting it; I absolutely love it.  It was fairly quick to paint, which was a bonus; as at the time I had about a dozen models to paint.

Lastly a Corruptor, which I am not so impressed with.  Reason being, is that it’s plastic; which I detest painting.  Certainly in this case, the weapons were bent/twisted; which no amount of heating would keep straight.  The pose is horrible, which is partly my fault; as I wanted it too appear to be running.  What I got, was a Corruptor that looks like it is about to go face first into the ground.  Finally, plastics just don’t have the weight that metal or even resins do.  As a result, I used this as an experiment, of freehanding Cryx symbology onto the chassis.


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