Battle Report 22/5/11 – Perth (Pt 2)

I should correct the scenario for the second game, it was actually Revelation; not Outflank.

So the score was 1 – 0, into the 3rd; against John Lynch.  I’ve played John many times, who is always fun to play against.  He was running his usual Mercs, with Magnus; Mangler, Renegade and Mule.  He also had a full unit of Boomhowlers, which he deployed on my right flank; scenario this time was Outflank, Outfight, Outlast.  Despite Goreshade doing the job in the last game, I decided to run my alternate list this time.

  • Iron Lich Asphyxious (Gaspy)
  • Slayer
  • Ripjaw
  • Deathripper
  • Mechanithralls
  • Boomhower & Co
  • Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters
  • Skarlock Thrall

The biggest problem for Cryx when running living units, like Boomhowler and Nyss; is Abomination and Terror.  Some people forget, that even your own models can be affected.  Having to keep this in mind, I deployed Gaspy well away from those living units.  Nyss and Boomhowlers were on the right flank, to deal with John’s full unit of Boomhowlers.  As I hinted in the previous posting, this just wasn’t John’s day. He managed to get his Booms, all around the perimeter of the zone, with Greygore in the middle.  Claiming a point from that zone, he was just having no luck with the Tough rolls; despite Call of Defiance in play.  He had two left by the time I claimed a point, with Nyss and my Booms wiping them out.  On the other flank, I was systematically crushing his heavy jacks.  Using a couple of Booms to hold up the Mule, the Mangler had already wiped out my McThralls.  Unfortunately for John, he used his feat turn to walk up to the undamaged Ripjaw.  Two turns of (3 focus) half armor face ripping, Mangler was in tatters.  Just behind this the Renegade had walked up to the Deathripper, leaving the Slayer to charge up; to commence face ripping.  Frustratingly, time was called; with the Ripjaw about to finish the Mangler; while the untouched Slayer and Ripper; walked over to say hello to Magnus.  With one control point each, points values in the zones, meant that I won; having Ripjaw/Ripper/Slayer and several Nyss in zones.

2 wins, which for me was a record in tournaments to date.  Admittedly a lot of it was good luck (and bad luck for opponents), but that is the nature of these games.  Sometimes it just happens, other times fate kicks you in the teeth.  Last game though was definitely a local affair.  Playing Mark, it was almost like playing on Thursdays at Worlds at War.  Mark is imo, a better player then me.  All I can remember of Mark’s list…..was lots of bloody Bane Thralls.  Ok so he only had one full unit, but it seemed like lots of them.  Once again the dice gods were shining on me, or at least my Boomhowlers.  It was actually pretty funny, as by this time I had Gaspy, Ripper and Ripjaw left on the board.  It was inevitable that Mark was going to win, so I had pretty much given up by then.  Poor Greygore, last man standing with Banes all around.  6 Tough rolls he made, in one turn.    Standing arms crossed and dejected, I have a stack of dice on my left; pick one up and roll it – 6.  Next attack, pick up another dice (not the same dice)…..5.  Same thing on the next roll, picking up a new dice each time, each one giving Greygore new life.  6 times he saved in a row, not using the same dice twice.  After that, the mauling that Gaspy got from the feat Banes, seemed like an anti-climax.  Well deserved win for Mark, leaving me with 2 wins and two losses for the day.

I always hate playing that last game, as usually by then; I am tired and hurting a little.  All credit to Mark, I must have looked really pee’d off by then; but he didn’t gloat about winning.  That is one thing I like about Scotland’s group of players, they are always helpful and friendly.  Any problems, are dealt with reasonably and fairly.  They are also willing to help or advise, even if they aren’t playing (thanks Tom for the warning about the Titan).  For those going to the UK Master in June, I wish you all the best.  To Jim Lawrence, I hope you bring the title back to Scotland…..again!!


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