Battle Report 22/5/11 – Perth (Pt 1)

They say 3rd times the charm, well it seems to hold true in this case.  This was my third outing to Perth and definitely my best result by far.  Mind you, I actually managed to take my camera this time; only I left the SD card at home in the card reader.  So once again there is no photo’s of the event, or even my own games.

So trusting to my dodgy memory, we shall endeavour to give you the gist. Running two lists today, I surprisingly didn’t run my favourite caster Goreshade; as much as normal.  For the first game I did run him, with the following army list.

  • Goreshade the Bastard
  • Slayer
  • Stalker
  • Scavenger
  • Blackbane’s Ghost Raiders
  • Greygore Boomhowler & Co.
  • Mechanithralls
  • Warwitch Siren

First game was against the eventual winner, Murray; who ran Skorn.  Despite getting beat and making minor mistakes, I thoroughly enjoyed this game.  Having only faced Skorn once, it is still a learning process.  Murray was really good about it, even to point of stopping me killing myself on his Bronzeback Titan.  Scenario was Incursion, with the left (my left) hand flag being removed.  Having deployed to cover all of them, I did need to adjust slightly; when the flag was removed.  Blackbane’s just got wiped out in turn 2, from a combination of Mordikaar and Void Spirit.  Boomhowlers had a mixed day of it, but in this game; they crumpled easily.  This was in part because I didn’t use Fell Call – Call of Defiance, as well as some really crappy dice.  Murray certainly showed, how the synergies should be used, with some great work with his Titans.  End game turned out to be Goreshade, taking out a Swordsman; trying to hit the Titan; then popping feat.  Admittedly Mordikaar was vulnerable, but I had very little to threaten him.  Having your caster ripped apart by a Titan, is a pretty fitting ending to the game.  Credit to Murray, he gave a masterclass on how to use Skorn; one that I will hope not to repeat for a long while.

I’ve mentioned a few times, how I dislike Cygnar.  Hiding behind guns, just doesn’t suit my style of play.  That said, Matt my second opponent; ran something a little different. eStyker, with Ol’ Rowdy, Stormclad and full unit of Stormblades and Knights (with UA’s).  Scenario (I think) was Outflank, with me deploying 2nd.  Running Goreshade again, I put the Ghost Raiders on the left flank; with Stalker on the faaaar right flank.  Idea was to use the Stalker, to force Matt to defend the zone; while the Ghost Raiders were my insurance policy on Matt’s control zone.  Mctralls and Boomhowlers in the middle, with Mcthralls heading towards Matt’s zone, Boomhowlers to head off the Stormblades.  Remembering my mistakes from last game, Fell Call became habit; which was a lot of help.  It stopped the Stormblades flanking me, but it also prevented Matt from stopping the Stalker claiming a point.  Purely by accident, I had positioned the Ghost Raiders; so that they prevented the Stormknights from doing the same on the other flank.  With a small-ish hole open, Goreshade charged the Stormclad; doing a little damage.  However there was a gap, between a Bane (from feat turn) and Stormclad.  Stryker strode up, Overload attacking; did no damage on 4 dice to Goreshade.  Luck was just not with Matt in this game, as he proceeded to do 15 damage to himself from the Overload.  If that wasn’t enough, he missed 6 times on Goreshade; needing 8’s to hit.  Camping 7 focus on Goreshade, you would think it would be game over. Well…..nearly.  2 hits, no dmg; one miss and final focus point on last attack.  It hit and killed Stryker, but it was just one of those days; of utter crappy dice.  So results so far 1 win, 1 loss.

It wasn’t just me that was having crappy dice today, John Lynch; was having even worse day then me.


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