Withdrawal symptoms

Well it’s been nearly a week since I last played Warmachine.  Strangely I can’t say that I have missed it, but I do wish I could get a game in this week.  Reason being, is that there is a tournament on Sunday in Perth.  Once again, it looks like Mark and I will be the only representatives for Worlds at War.  I like the trip to Perth, as Ken the owner is a great guy and the event always has a good turn out.

In the meantime, I am in the process of trying to finish the Bloodgorgers; my daughter bought me for my birthday.  With the wedding in England and preparations for that, I’ve not had a lot of time to paint either.  It’s going to be tight, but I might have them ready for Sunday….maybe.

Back when we did the podcast, DrivethruRPG was a great source of information.  I still get the news letters and occasionally buy things for systems I play.  Recently they launched a competition ‘Tell Us About Your Character‘, in which they want to hear all about your favourite characters.  I’ve been gaming many years, with lots of memorable characters in that time.  On hearing of this contest, only one sprang to mind straight away – Faldmir Bayard, Bard of the Realms.  Using the journal I kept of the campaign, I edited the first section, to fit the 400 words needed.  Not an easy task, but I managed to trim it down enough; without losing the essence of who this character was.

Faldmir, was actually a replacement to my first character of the campaign; Jihana female Ranger.  She was killed in Waterdeep, plunging to her death off the walls; crushed under the two-headed troll who jumped through Jihana.  I had kept a journal of her adventures prior to this, all 16 pages worth.  It might seem a lot for a fictional character, but one thing I have always enjoyed it making my characters ‘alive’.  A journal is a great way of doing this, so not wanting to end it; I continued with Faldmir.  His story is for another time, suffice to say; it has the classics of a great adventure.  Fun, excitement, love and romance; with just a touch of sentimentality on my part.  Maybe one day, I’ll serialize the journals on this blog…..all 31 pages of both stories.

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