Rough Guide to Cryx

Some would consider Cryx ‘broken’, or in layman’s terms have the game in their favour.  This isn’t true, as one of the things that Privateer Press works hard to do; is make the factions equal.  In building an army for any faction, there is a synergy; that will work best with particular models.  So a Caster/Warlock, that debuffs (reduces Stats); works well with models with lower then average Stats.  In Cryx terms, these can be Mechanithralls something else; that needs a slight boost to hit or damage.

I’ve been playing nearly a year now, with many games and tournaments in that time.  Over time, I have grown and become more confident in Cryx.  In the last year I have learned a few tactics, that will help newer players; heck it might even help my enemies.

  • Like all factions, the Casters/Warlocks are keyed to certain styles of play.  Deneghra is spells, arc-nodes and debuffing; while Gorshade is a strange one.  I’d say he was a melee/infantry caster; as he has no upkeep or offensive spells.  Lich Lord Venethrax is the Anti-Hordes Caster and Skarre is just a brutal caster/warlock killer.  Mortanebra works well with lots of Jacks, as for Terminus; he just reaps souls like a Dyson.
  • Infantry is expendable, don’t get hung up on losing half a unit in a turn.  There are even several units that can voluntarily ‘blow up’, through their own attacks or suffer damage – Bile Thralls, Bloat Thralls and Scrap Thralls.
  • Mechanithralls (McThralls) make great cannon fodder (or McBurger fodder), screening better slower units behind them.  One tactic that works well, is run McThralls in front of Bile Thralls.  Biles are slower, but just one Bile can wipe out an enemy Unit; if positioned right.  It’s also ok, to kill you’re own units with you’re Biles.
  • Following on from the previous, think of Cryx like the sea.  The enemy is the beachead, so run you’re units in waves; don’t give them time to breath.  McThralls, Biles, Bane Thralls; work well run in that order.  By the time you’re Banes get there, they should (hopefully) be picking over the bones; or hitting (with 4 dice damage) softened targets.
  • As Cryx is mainly a melee faction, try to punch holes in the enemy lines.  This can open up avenues for you’re better units to exploit.  Warwitch Sirens are great for this, as she has Parry; stopping Free Strikes as she walks past models.
  • Cryx has a lot of ‘sneaky’ threats, Stalkers, Helldivers and the new Scavenger are bonejack assassins; while again the Siren can be a real pain to deal with.  Sometimes it’s worth giving your enemy more threats, then he can handle.  With Stalkers (using Extended Control Range), run them on the flanks; away from everything.  One on either side of the board; gives you’re enemy TWO possible threats. Add in a Scavenger behind the infantry, Siren flanking the infantry; that is a lot of possible attack threats to cover.
  • Cryx is NOT a ranged faction, they like to smash face; up close and personal.  That is not to say they don’t have ranged ability, but it is not as good or numerous as other factions like Cygnar (Boo Hiss).
  • Lastly, don’t be afraid to use Mercenaries or Minions.  They can fill in spots that you won’t find in Cryx.  I particluarly recommend Cylena Ryfell and Nyss Hunters, I run a minimum unit in nearly every army I run; they are that awesome.  With Deneghra’s feat and Crippling Grasp, Nyss Hunters are hitting on RAT 11.  Add in a Combined Ranged Attack (CRA), this is boosted to RAT 17 (+1 for each model taking part, including the one shooting).

These are just a few things, so try things out yourself; look at cards and the Faction books to see what might work with other models.


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