Anti Premium Video Campaign

Open letter to the National Association of Theater Owners

Dear Sir,

I read with interest of you’re recent campaign to stop DirecTV, which you feel will bring an end to the movie going experience. While I support the campaign in principle, I believe you’re target is misguided.

It might be all rosy and lovely in America, but here in the UK; cinema goers are being ripped off at every turn. From release dates offset to the States, to lack of distribution rights with certain movies. The target of you’re campaign, should actually be yourselves; who have systematically alienated their customers with unreasonable costs and pandering to the top studios. The average 2.4 children family, has to pay in the region of £30 – £40 ($50 – $60) per movie; which in these financial times is ridiculous. However, not all the blame is with the picture houses; some of the blame is with the movies themselves. Not all of us cinema goers, are Neanderthal knuckledraggers; which just need shiny big explosions and Megan Fox to be entertained.

Regurgitated, recycled and rebooted; are by words to the movie industry these days. In the last 5 – 6 years, there has been very little to attract me; to see anything at the cinema. So is any wonder people are turning to online sources, where it is cheaper and more convenient to their busy lifestyles. Instead you should to trying to attract customers, make the experience worth the costs that you are asking for.

So look to you’re own house, before you start blaming others; for the ending of the theater experience.

Yours sincerely

Alan Kennedy


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