Painted Models

Well with my birthday over, I have a mountain of lead to paint.  Even before Sunday, I had a Dire Troll Blitzer and a Slag Troll to paint up.  Now added to that, is Grissel Bloodsong, Scavenger, 2 Ripjaws and Rhupert Carvolo – Piper of Ord.  Rumour also has it, that I am getting something from my other daughter in Canada.

Some would think, this is an annoying situtation to be in; far from it.  The thing I love about Warmachine/Hordes, is that to even play competitively; the models don’t have to be painted.  That said, I am one of these players that just has to have his painted.  I get all sweaty and shaky, when I see any of my miniatures without paint.  Running the Ripjaw and Scavenger on Sunday, didn’t feel right; but needs must while the game demon rides.

I’m supposed to be playing my Trolls tomorrow night, part of the reason I got Grissel Bloodsong.  Guess it will just have to be, Ninja Troll Black on the board tomorrow night.  That is a simple process, that involves building the model, then spraying it with black primer and your done – Ninja Black.  Remember Ninja’s used many different coloured Gi; so feel free to experiment with other colours.  If you want to be really authentic, you can paint in the eyes as well; though some find eyes hard.

A painting tip for eyes btw, paint them first; even before the skin colour.  It doesn’t matter if you’re messy with the whites or over do the iris of the eye.  Use the skin colour to mask the area of the eyes, rather then trying to paint the eyes INTO the head.  Takes practice, but the effect is that you can redo the eyes over and over, without having to keep repainting the skin.

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