Competitive Play

I mentioned previously tournaments, etc.  In Scotland we are very luck, in that we seem to be owners of the UK Warmachine forums.  If there are any members south of the border on that forum, we never hear from them.  I think that is really sad, Warmachine/Hordes is a great game, that I have found people friendly and welcoming to new players; certainly here in Scotland any way.

At the moment, there are 4 shops now; which run WM/H tournaments.  Worlds at War, which is my local store; where I organise a lot of the events for Frank (da Owner).  Over in Fife, we have Kingdom of Adventure; which is owned by Dave.  Up in Perthshire, they are lucky enough to have two great stores; Intrepidations owned by Ken and Highlander Games owned by Gary.  I’ve played at all of them now, where I have had great days out and fantastic service.  Currently it’s working out that there is a tournament a month, with each shop taking responsibility for the organising.  So in May, it could well be Intrepidations; then Highlander games the following month.  With Wrath coming, Kingdom of Adventure are holding a launch event on 15th June (Wednesday), while the War Horde at Worlds at War are arranging a Wrath special event.

In between all that, I have a trip to England for a wedding; as well as get to see my daughter from Canada.  Of all that, seeing my daughter is the best thing by far.


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