Wrath – Scavenger

In June, Privateer Press will be launching Wrath; the expansion to Warmachine.  While the launch is in June, there is already hints of what is to come; with some models being released now.  One of the new ones for Cryx, is the Scavenger bonejack.

I wasn’t really happy with getting another bonejack, which many on the PP Forum were not happy with either.  Rumours spread that it would be a flying jack, might be Bane related; which frankly would just make it broken.  As it turned out, the Scavenger looked like a pretty mediocre jack with just Flight, Finisher and Sprint. No Stealth or Arc-Node, which in some ways is a good thing.  Stalker and half the bone jacks have those already.

The Scavenger is in essence a flying Stalker, a solo hunter at the very least.  With DEF 16, it matches the Stalker for being bloody annoying to hit; without boosting.  What it gains over the Stalker (imo), is the Flight skill.  The ability to have the Scavenger sitting behind infantry or heavy jack, suddenly appearing next to an enemy model; is brilliant.  It ignores intervening models, so it literally hops over your infantry/hvy jack to add another attack.

I know I said it was a Solo Hunter, but it could also be a Jack Killer.  How this is done, is using the Finisher ability.  This gives an additional dice on damage rolls, against damaged models.  When adding in a charge, this is 4 dice attack; which on most jacks could wreck it.  Destroy it and the Sprint ability kicks in, allowing the Scavenger to make a full advance; getting it the hell out of there.

From the start of this, you might have guessed I wasn’t keen on this model.  Well that has certainly changed, since using it on Sunday at the tournament.  It isn’t a toe-to-toe fighter, with just 18 boxes; it is as squishy as the Stalker.  That said, the high DEF; makes it a tough nut to crack.  Overall I am very pleased with this new addition, it suits my sneaky; devious style of play very well.  Running with Goreshade, couple of Stalkers and Shadowmancer; looks like a nice setup I’ll be trying soon.

(Image copyright to Privateer Press)



SPD 7 – STR 7 – MAT 7 – RAT 4 – DEF 16 – ARM 13

Snapping Jaws – POW 4 – P+S 11

Finisher – This model gains an additional dice on damage rolls against damaged models.

Flight – This model can advance through terrain and obstacles without penalty and can advance through obstructions and other models if it has enough movement to move completely past them.  This model ignores intervening models when declaring its charge.

Sprint – At the end of this model’s activation, if it destroyed one or more enemy models with melee attacks this activation it can make a full advance.


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