Exhausted, but Happy

Well it may have been my birthday, but I certainly had to fight to win today.  From this you will surmise, that I actually played in my own event.  First of all, big thanks to Andy for taking over the running.  While I think I could have managed it, with one person dropping out; there was odd numbers (11).  When offered the chance to play, I jumped at the opportunity; as I just love playing the game.  I’d also like to thank everyone who came, I know from going up to Perth and Dundee; it can be a long day.

So too the battle report, which out of 4 close games; I won 2.  First up was Mercenaries, wiht Epic Magnus and lots of Steelheads. I’d ordered a Scavenger, which I got thanks to an early birthday present; from some of the players and Frank the owner of Worlds at War in Livingston.  Decided to run the same list as I ran on Friday – 

Gorshade the Bastard





Cylenna & Nyss Hunters

Greygore Boomhowler & Co

Warwitch Siren

Nyss on the left, Mcthralls in the middle with Boomhowler behind them.  The others running with or around the McThralls.  Using the wooded area, I put the Nyss in a position to take out 3 Halbarders; with the remaining Steelhead charging my Nyss next turn.  That slowed me down a little, but not enough to make it much of a problem.  The problems came, with Magnus the Warlords feat, which prevented me going either forwards or backwards.  Having to effectively split my army I pushed most of it left, leaving a large gap to Goreshade.  Not wanting a charge on him, I brought the feat turn Banes on to block it.  This turned out to be a good move, as later the Banes would actually claim me a control point.  The real battle though, was for the other flag, which Martin had already claimed 2 points from.  In order to draw the game, I needed only to box a Renegade light jack.  Sadly it was not to be, as the Scavenger; even with 3 focus left 2 boxes on it.  Time called and I lost the match on control points, 0 – 1 so far.

Next up, Skorn a faction I have never faced before.  Whenever I face something new, I tend to play a little more cautiously.  Not being aware of what I am facing can be a daunting position, which even looking at the cards can’t help much.  So figuring I had nothing to lose, I went in balls to the wall; going nearly all out attack from the start.  8 inch control zones, the one I was to claim was on the left.  With a combination of Mcthralls and Banes, I managed to clear out all of his infantry.  However I hadn’t anticipated an ability of one model, which when dying comes back as an incorporeal model.  I had managed to claim one point, with possibility of another game winning one.  Sadly I had ignored the Void Spirit on the left flank, which subsequently charged the rear of Goreshade.  A silly mistake and certainly one that I shouldn’t be making.

Game 3 was a little bit of irony really.  I had played John Lynch on Friday, in our league game.  He ran the same almost the same list of pMagnus, Mangler, Renegade, Boomhowler and Gorman Di Wulfe; as he did on Friday.  He changed out the Mariner from Friday, bringing in the Mule for this game.  Scenario was 3 flags, one disappears; which in this case was the middle one.  Deployment for me won this game, while I did have them spread out.  John had his clumped to one side, so my goal was to claim one flag and contest the other.  This worked really well with Cylena sitting behind a wall; within 4″ of the flag.  To get to her, he would have had to come through my units and around the wall.    With only Orin Midwinter able to contest my flag, it was simple to tie him up with Mcthralls and Banes on my feat turn.  Time ran out, but I did claim the victory on control points.

Last game was against John Sinclair’s Cryx, which I happened to lose against in Dundee last time.  By this time I had begun to really like playing the list I had.  It worked so well and it was flexible to my style of play.  That said, John did make me fight hard for the win, with Goreshade having to actually charge a Deathjack; in order to take it down.  Perhaps it was because of the long day, but John left me a hole to the control flag; which my one remaining Mcthrall and Ripjaw took advantage of.  Claiming a single control point victory, seems kind of lame; when I credit John with being a good opponent.  It showed in that he wiped out my Nyss, almost finished both Boomhowlers and Banes.  Deathjack is good, but against Cryx; he is just a walking road block.

I am tired now, but I have had a thoroughly enjoyable day.  2 wins, with 2 really close games is a big improvement for me.  So perhaps in the next tournament I will be looking at 3 wins.  Thanks again to everyone who came and I look forward to the next one.


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