Templates – Check

Timers – Check (Big thanks to Mark)

Laptop and Software – Check

Brains – Failed

Yep, you guessed it; the brains have overloaded at last.  This morning has been very busy, with first off a trip to Matalan; for their clearance sale.  Worth it though, as I picked up a white shirt and hoodie for £5; while wife got a top and shoes for £7.  From there it was something to eat, then up to Battleground to drop off some books.  I also picked up a figure box, that someone was kind enough to give me.  I’ll need to get some foam trays, but it’s a great box; which will hold a lot more then the shoe box I have now.  I dropped by my parents too, as I won’t get to see them till late tomorrow; thought it only right they get to see their son sometime this week.

Good news though, is that our daughter has managed to change her ticket; so she can stay for 2 weeks in May.  With the wedding and driving, it was going to be a short busy trip.  Now though she will get to spend time with everyone here.

Right time to pack up everything for tomorrow, make sure I don’t forget anything and pray it all goes well.



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