T-Miuns 2 days……

This week has been a really busy time, with lots happening both gaming and family related.  One good thing, is that I have an all clear from the hospital; after my bout of ill health.  The water retention is under control and I am generally in better health.  Mind you, I had to spend nearly 2 hours waiting; to find this out.  We are lucky in the UK to have the NHS, but there are times it tries the patience of a saint.  I’ve recently found out that my brother, is going to be doing a rally from Calais to Barcelona; on behalf of several ex-armed forces charities.  There is a donations page, if you feel you would like to help – http://www.justgiving.com/bfbsrally. My brothers team is R.E. Pair Me, which knowing the way my brother drives; is really appropriate.

Anyway given the conflicts that this countries government keep dragging us into, there is a real need for help for those injured in service of this country.  Restrains himself from ranting, barely!  *Cough* As I was saying, any help these guys and girls can get; is very much appreciated.  Which is why I am doing what I can through my gaming.

On the subject of gaming, I have been Warmahoring myself nearly all week; though not all of actually playing the game.  Organizing this tournament is really tiring, but I think at the end; will be worth the effort.  We have had a couple of people pull out, including the Press Ganger; but that is beyond their control.  So I am biting the bullet and running the event myself, which is both exciting and daunting at the same time.  With no time to get coins, I am having to improvise some reward for the winners; though I have to thank my wife for doing all the work.

Now I think I need a lie down, been running stupid since 6.30 this morning.  Ok you can stop laughing, I know; I’m always stupid.



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