Hordes Training

Been a little quite on here recently, as things have been extremely busy of late.  I’ve kind of got my steam back into Warmachine, having played quite a few games recently; including my first try out with Trollbloods.

I didn’t do too well, mostly because I am so used to WM and the Focus mechanic.  However this didn’t daunt me too much, so when I got the chance to speak to Fraser Penman; the Edinburgh Press Ganger he gave me a little guidance.  I’ve always been one of these people, that learns from ‘doing’ rather than reading it.  I have to see how it’s done, before I can usually get it straight in my head.  I put this down to my imagination, which sometimes can be a curse; when you imagine the wrong thing from reading it.  Whatever it is, I now have a good idea how it works and I am looking forward to trying my Trolls again.

Sadly this won’t be at the Steamroller next weekend.  It seems like so long ago now, that I started planning for this; with it just under a week away I can’t wait.  I’m just a little sad I can’t even take part, I guess it’s because it’s my birthday on Sunday as well.  Kind of like a Warmahorde Party!!!


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