Off my game….

Well since the last tournament, I have played a couple of games of Warmachine.  Honestly, I’ve been little ‘distracted’ lately; for which I apologise to my opponents about.  I can’t say that I have enjoyed them as much as previously, but I still love the game.  With the imminent release of Wrath, the excitement for the game is building again.  Already there is the Battle Engines, a new Warcaster (Lord Exhumous Scaverous, such a cool name) and many other new goodies to expect.

It’s not all been bad, I have started to learn Hordes now.  It’s going slowly, as I am so used to Warmachine and Focus.  The differences in learning, are challenging to say the least.  Not least is the management of Fury.  Fury is the Hordes equivalent of Focus, the driving force of Warmachine.  As Warmchine is the Industrial warfare, so Hordes is the Animalistic Warfare.  As such, Fury is like the life force of creatures involved.  Warlocks use Fury (life force) to empower their spells or Animi.  They can also give their Warbeasts, a kind of surge in Fury; to make them do special things.  However, unlike Warmachine; where Focus is allocated before hand.  Fury can be done at anytime, but there is a risk.  Give you’re Warbeast too much, they go crazy; or Frenzy as it is called.  Breaking free of the Warlock’s control, it will attack anything nearby; even it’s own army.  So it’s all about Fury control and the risks you want to take in a given turn.  It’s certainly a lot more challenging than Warmachine in that aspect, but I think if learned well enough can be just as enjoyable and fun as Warmachine.

Oh and I promise to have some new photos online soon, after my mammoth painting session; I have a whole bunch of new mini’s to show off.


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