Yesterday was a really bad day, what with one thing and another.  However in all this stress, there was one thing that touched me deeply.  We have been living pretty much hand to mouth, struggling to make it to the end of the month.  This month has been no different, with us being completely skint.  It had upset me yesterday, knowing things were that tight; added to no real end in sight (Thank you Budget).

So when my wonderful wife, handed me the money she had been saving the last few weeks; I felt myself choking up.  Why should this touch me so badly?  She had been saving this money, to buy me my birthday present.  In all the crap we have had to deal with, having her thinking about something like that is just……unreal.  You see, I am old enough to not really care about birthday’s.  She knows this, I would have been happy with a single Warmachine figure; costing no more then a £10.  So to go and spoil the surprise of whatever was planned, she gave me the money; to tide us over till the end of the month.  They say the gift itself isn’t what counts, it’s the thought behind it.  Well in this case, it is more true then any other time.  So just in case she reads this…..I love you ;o)


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