Can’t Sleep

I hate it when I can’t sleep, and this is one night I wish I could sleep.  I’ve tried never to let things get to me, worrying about something; doesn’t solve the problems.  Unforunately, there are some problems that aren’t solved easily.

To be honest, I haven’t been sleeping well in a while.  Since November last year, I have been plagued by ill health. First it was extreme water retention, cellulitus and numothorax (collapsed lung) and now cellulitus AGAIN!  For those unfamiliar with this, it’s an infection just under the skin; in the subcutaneous layers.  It’s mostly likely been caused, by the water retention that I have had since November.  The skin cracked and the infection got in that way, so despite one treatment of antibiotics already, it is still persisting.  I now have a lot of sympathy for my daughters, who have suffered from eczema all their lives.  The urge to scratch your skin off… insanely compelling.  Though that is actually the worst thing you can do, as it will not only open you to further infection; but also likely spread it to other places.

It’s funny really, I’ve lived nearly 39 years with a heart defect; yet I am going crazy after a couple of months of ill health.  I guess I have coped with my heart, because it is part of me; other things just seem like a kick in the teeth.  By rights, you shouldn’t even be reading this, I should be with my wife and parents; sunning myself in Tunisia this week.  Thank you numothorax for ruining our holiday, another health issue gets in the way.


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