Big Brother aka Microsoft

Heard the other day, Microcrap’s Kinect; is the fastest selling electronic gadget EVER!!!.  So that begs the question, do you feel safe; leaving your house open to surveillance by Microcrap?

Bare with me here.  To use a Kinect, you have to have an X-Box, which may or may not have X-Box Live; the internet service for Microsoft.  Yep you can see where I am going here, so for those not up to speed; here is the kicker.  Kinect connects to your X-Box, allowing it to use Microsoft’s proprietary software to use motion sensors in the Kinect to see into your room.  Feel safe now don’t you, you can obviously trust Microsoft.  After all, it’s not like they forced PC manufacturers into installing their software.  Maybe Bing does actually give unbiased, original (i.e. not stolen from Google) search options.

A more sinister mind, like mine; takes this one step further.  America has already shown it will use whatever means possible, in it’s fight against ‘terrorists’.  I don’t know how much of a party donation it would take, but I only have to say Irangate; for people to see that this is all too real a possibility.

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