Just My Luck

Well this week has been a bit of a shitty one, in more ways then one.  I’ll not go into graphic detail, but on Tuesday; I was treated the wonders of an Colonoscopy.  For those that aren’t sure what this is, its basically a camera shoved up your…….erm behind.  Yep I can see you all clenching your buttocks at the thought of it, believe me experiencing it is even worse.

Ok so I’m exaggerating a little, honestly I hardly remember a thing.  They offered the choice of sedation, which is supposed to leave you consciously aware.  All I remember is the sedation entering my arm and then it was lights out vienna.  Next thing I remember is waking up, feeling queasy; ready to throw up.  It doesn’t matter what sedation they use, it always affects me the same way.  The anti-sickness drug they use, doesn’t work on me either.  So its a difficult position for me to decide on sedation or not.  I don’t want to ‘live the experience’, neither do I want to feel like I am 3 days drunk and wanting to throw up all the time.

Anyway, end result is that I have some issues to deal with; but you’ll be glad to know I won’t share that gruesome detail.

Good news though, Frank at Worlds at War my local gaming shop; is in the process of redesigning the shop.  He hopes to have enough tables, so that we can host the steamroller next month; at the shop instead.  With space for up to 16 players, it should be a good event.  I’m hoping we can get a Press Ganger to run it, but there is part of me that wants to run the event myself.  I know I don’t have the experience just yet, certainly rules-wise; but other then that I am confident I could do it.


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