Birthday Basher

Well it’s official, there will finally be a Warmachine/Hordes tournament held in Livingston.  After stressing over this for the last month, I have finally managed to find a venue; big enough and cheap enough.  Normally these events are held in a gaming store, Worlds at War being the one I am closest too.  However with limited spaces (8 players), this wasn’t the most ideal for the numbers we would have liked to invite.  So the extensive hunt for a bigger venue, has garnered success; thanks to my wife.

I love the game of Warmachine, I love taking part in tournaments; even if I lose games.  So to be able to organise and host this event is a big deal for me.  However it has presented a lot of problems for me, namely cost.  Holding it in a shop, this isn’t a problem; as there is no venue costs to consider.  When you add in the prizes as well, the entry fee that every player pays; is eaten up very very quickly.  As I am doing this off my own back, saving every penny matters a lot.  I am not looking to make anything out of it, as it is; I am already down on the venue costs alone.  So why have I put myself (and my wife for that matter) through all this hassle.  The biggest part of it, is the love of the game.  It has just drawn me into the world of Immoren, wanting to learn more and more about the game.  The other aspect of it, is that I have finally applied to be a Press Ganger for Privateer Press (; the makers of Warmachine and Hordes.  Press Gangers are the life blood of the WM/H community, they support the game; running and organising events for Privateer all over the world.

It’s all arranged, the word is out there.  Now all I have to do, is wait to see who turns up; that is just another bundle of stress right there.


2 thoughts on “Birthday Basher

  1. Thanks Barry, it will be a while I expect. It gives me time to learn a lot more about the game, before I get to the standards of Andy anyway. Oh and I like you blog, good to see someone standing up for GW for a change. It was one of the things we discussed on the podcast, how GW pretty much kept gaming alive in the UK. Sadly some people forget that, focusing on the negative aspects too much.

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