Miniature Painting

In all the years I have been painting miniatures, there have been times when it gets tedious.  Usually this is because of doing the same thing constantly, or doing a lot of detailed work on a miniature.  Currently I am painting more Trollbloods, in itself not a problem.  However, when your me; they have to have tartan.

Trollkin are a very warrior race, socially very similar to the Celts of Scotland or Ireland.  The clans or Kriels as the Trollkin call themselves, would like many of the clans of Scotland; have differing patterns to their clothing.  So to show this, I have endeavoured to show this in my models.  Currently I am painting Greygore Boomhowler & Co, which are a Mercenary unit.  No longer part of any kriel, they still hold to the old ways of kinship and kriel-bond.  So to show they are separate from my main Trollblood army, I am doing a different tartan on them.  Those that have already seen my trollkin, will know that the tartan is as close a match to my own Kennedy tartan.  This time I have red tartan, with black and yellow.  Obviously on 28mm miniatures, it is very difficult to do something like a the Royal Stewart tartan; but taking the base colours it can be close enough.

People always say I much have a lot of patience to paint miniatures, doing these trolls is certainly showing that in buckets.  Well no rest for the wicked, back to the tartan I go……sooner someone invents tartan paint the better.

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