New Models Painted

Have been feverishly painting away recently.  The fruits of all this labour have been some really nice (even in my opinion) Bane Thralls and Epic Eiryss.

Before Christmas, I bought the Epic Eiryss miniature; thinking to use it with my Mercenary army my parents had bought me.  On seeing it, my wife immediately wanted one painted for her.  Now I have painted several for her previously, always catering to her tastes in colours, etc.  I knew this one wasn’t going to be any different, so starting with a base of blue I tried to compliment the colours.  This is the first time I have actually done this deliberately, normally I just use colours that I like; or I think work well together.  Here is the finished result – 


More recently I finally got around to painting my Bane Thralls, which have been waiting since about October.  Having already painted a set for a friend, I knew they weren’t going to take long.  Took about a week, which was in total about 14 hours actual painting time. When painting my own miniatures, I don’t mind experimenting with techniques.  In this case, I happened to see an article in a jewellery making magazine of all places; a technique for corroded bronze/copper.  I think it turned out not too badly, what’d ya think?


I have also improved the pictures I am taking of my miniatures, using an old digital camera.  It’s not perfect, but it certainly better then my mobile phone.


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