Crappy Week

I would love to say, thank goodness it’s Friday; but the week isn’t quite over yet.  This week has been a nightmare gone horribly wrong.  Monday we discovered water dripping from the ceiling upstairs, called it in to the housing association; who couldn’t come till Tuesday. Fine, obviously busy with burst pipes and damaged roofs; from the high winds a few weeks back.

Monday night was the start of the real nightmare, with the onset of tight pain in my shoulders and ribs on the left side.  Now I’ve lived with a Congenital Heart Defect, for nearly 39 years now; aches and pains are ‘normal’ for me.  Most times they ease off themselves, unfortunately these continued through Tuesday and Wednesday; though thankfully they did ease on Wednesday.  I’m not one to take pain killers, unless I really am in pain.  The thought of taking another medication, just depresses me; when I am already on 5 different medications for my heart condition.  So Thursday with no further sign of it easing, I go to my GP.  X-Ray and then 6 hours later he calls me, telling me I am going to A&E to be assessed by them.  Turns out, I have a very slight deflation of the left lung.  To treat it (i.e. chest drain, etc), could potentially cause more problems; than it cured.

The biggest regret I have of this week, it’s not my gaming or that I am unwell.  It’s that I can’t now fly on holiday next month.  My mum paid for me and Juls to go with them to Tunisia in March, now it’s all gone to rat shit.  My mum is in her….advanced years; but still working 12 – 14 hour days; caring for someone else.  She’s cared for me nearly all my life, now when she should be taking it easy; she is still caring from others as she did me.  I don’t want her hard work to be shattered like this, because of having to cancel.


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