Gaming Week

This week has been busy, not just with home life; but also gaming.  We almost got back to our regular Tuesday night RPG session, but a mix up of communications and real life; it was cancelled again until next week.

Dave will one day get to run his 4e D&D games, poor guy has been collecting the books since it was launched; but never had the chance to play it.  I know there are purist our there, that say 4e is not and never will be anything to do with D&D.  To those people, I suggest they either just put up (play the game) or shut up (stop your whining). In other words, until you play it; you have nothing worth listening too.  I enjoy RPG’s for the ability to tell a story with my character, building on the fictional world the GM/DM creates for us.  While 4e D&D is very tactical and strategy based; it is still possible to roleplay your character.

Anyway enough of my ranting, onto Warmachine.  Met a new player this week, which frustratingly is another Cryx player.  Mind you, Mark did teach me a good trick with Bile Thralls; which actually makes they worth buying at some point.  Having played 3 times this week, I have gotten the WM bug back again.  Worlds at War will be hosting a weekly night of WM, while we will still be continuing to play on a Friday night.  Not sure about Satruday’s at Battleground, as things are going to get busy for me.

I have started the process of organising (and possibly running) a Steamroller in Livingston.  Having spoken to John at Battleground, they have kindly agreed to allow us to run the event at the club.  We are looking at an April date just now, so still a bit of time to work on it.  Hopefully we can get some of the Perth, Glasgow and Dundee players down for it.  Would make a change from me going up to Perthshire and Tayside.


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