Miniature Painting

I can’t remember when I first started painting miniatures, seems like roleplaying and painting have gone hand in hand in my gaming life.  I think it was about 20 years ago, getting some Bloodbowl miniatures and painting those.  I wasn’t very good, at least in my opinion; but others seemed to like them.

I moved from Bloodbowl, to Battletech.  For those unfamiliar with the game, it’s mechanised warfare in the 30th – 31st Century.  Human’s have expanded into the universe; with wars now fought using 30 foot high human piloted robots called Battlemechs. I digress a little, but I loved the game that much; I can pretty much recite the history of the Inner Sphere/Clans by heart.  Some of my more whacky paint schemes came about, through playing Battletech.  A Shadow Hawk medium mech, painted in a harlequin (pattern-diamond-harlequin-3.png) colour scheme; 2 weeks work sadly lost the mini now.  Then there was a set of four mechs, painted for a friend’s birthday; baby pink with yellow spots.  For those familiar with Noel’s House Party, you’ll be reminded of a certain Mr Blobby.  There have been many others, only one I remember distinctly; as it was my favourite mech in Battletech – Wolfhound.

The more I painted, the more techniques and tips I picked up over the years.  Till now I am painting things for other people on a commission basis.  I took this leap from hobby to job, after finally convincing myself that I was actually a good painter; plus a lot of encouragement from my wife.

So here is a couple of my latest mini’s, Privateer Press Trollbloods.  Yes the tartan was painted by hand and didn’t come ready mixed lol.

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